Having put up with the delays caused by contractors executing the storm water drain (SWD) project under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission scheme, the Corporation has, it appears, decided enough is enough.

According to Commissioner G. Latha, the Corporation, after reviewing the progress of SWD works by the contractors, has found that two are behind target. And this was something that the Corporation was unhappy about, for there have been complaints about the way they went about their work.

The Corporation had handed over the Rs. 180-crore SWD project to the contractors by dividing it into seven packages. Of the seven, the contractor implementing Package V, SEW Infrastructure Limited, Hyderabad, had completed the work.

The cost of Package V was Rs. 18.82 crore. The Corporation handed over the project to the contractors way back in September-October 2010 with a mandate to the complete the project within 12 – 20 months depending on the distance.

The SWD project was only for the old city – 60 wards, though.

Ms. Latha says that the Corporation has fined P&C – SPS Co. (JV) Rs. 26 lakh for poor implementation of Packages I, IV, VI and VII. It has also fined M/s. B. Mohan Reddy and M/s. Murali and Co. (JV) Rs. 10 lakh for delay. The Corporation levied their fine a week ago.

And this is not the first time that the Corporation has slapped a fine on the two companies.

Ms. Latha says that since April 2011, the Corporation has been behind the contractors fining P&C – SPS Co. (JV) and M/s. B. Mohan Reddy and M/s. Murali and Co. (JV) in April 2011 and June 2013.

The fine the Corporation has levied and collected thus far amounted to Rs. 64.57 lakh.


A progress report from the Corporation on the SWD project reveals that in Package I, the contractor has to construct drain for 20 more km and 33 more culverts; in Package II, the contractor has to construct drain for six more km and 42 more culverts; in Package III, the contractor has to construct drain for 35.57 more km and 60 more culverts; in Package IV, the contractor has completed drain construction but is yet to construct 22 more culverts; in Package VI, the contractor has to construct drain for 49.52 more km and 42 more culverts; and in Package VII, the contractor has to construct 10 more km and seven more culverts.

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