The district administration will soon forward a detailed report to the State Government on the issue of fixing meter fare for auto rickshaws, District Collector and Regional Transport Authority M. Karunagaran said on Tuesday.

This decision was taken after a tri-partite meeting involving the officials, auto rickshaw unions and consumer welfare organisations did not make any headway on the fare, what with the unions unrelenting on their demand for a minimum fare of Rs. 30. They said the Rs. 25 minimum fare would not be feasible in Coimbatore.

Mr. Karunagaran said the unions also cited low use of auto rickshaws in hill stations such as Valparai as a justifiable reason to demand a minimum fare of Rs. 40 in such places. The unions demanded free supply of fare meters and revision of fare whenever fuel prices were hiked.

Contesting the demand for higher fare, consumer welfare organisations pointed out that meter fare would only increase the public patronage for auto rickshaws and thereby make it viable for the drivers.

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