It will provide a host of vital information for analysis

Even as the Air Traffic Control operations of Coimbatore Airport are all set to take a huge leap forward with sophisticated aircraft tracking equipment being installed, the Airports Authority of India is also upgrading the data recording system, which will provide vital information during disasters.

An official said that existing data recording system, considered the ‘black box’ of the airport, will retain information related to flight control operations in 16 channels such as communication from ATC to the pilot, walkie-talkie conversations of ground staff and internal telephone conversations.

Among the other data being recorded were the weather reports in Coimbatore region, which are broadcast by the airport every half a minute and updated every half an hour based on the information from the Indian Meteorological Department.

Such data are stored in a Digital Audio Tape.

The new system will record communications from 64 channels and store the data in a DVD or a pen drive.

This system was necessitated by the installation of new aircraft tracking system as now more data will have to be stored. Giving an example, an airport official said that now, a separate person would be coordinating the approach of the aircraft as in nears the Airport. This conversation would also be recorded.

This equipment would prove to be vital if an accident were to occur. The recorded information would help investigators ascertain the reasons for the incident and take precautionary measures.

As of now, the official said, 32 channels have been identified for recording.

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