The Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH) has installed two television monitors — one outside the labour ward and another in waiting hall— for relatives to view the images of newborn.

The images of newborn will be captured by a camera installed in the labour ward. The names of the parents and the gender of the newborn will be displayed in the electronic boards fixed near the TV sets, CMCH Deputy Medical Superintendent Isaac Christian Moses told The Hindu on Wednesday.

M. Suthandra Devi, Professor and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the CMCH said the newborn will be taken near the camera in the labour ward, so that the relatives waiting outside can take a look at the child on the television screen.

The newborn will not be brought outside the ward and shown to them, Dr. Devi said.

This arrangement has been made to prevent relatives and friends from entering the labour ward — that sees 20 to 30 deliveries a day — to have a look at the newborn and thereby pose the risk of infection to the mother and child.

Security guards

Private security guards too have been posted at the ward to prevent persons posing as relatives from entering the ward to steal the newborn.

The electronic boards will also be used to run scrolls on maintaining hygiene on the hospital premises, Dr. Moses said.

Vijayalakshmi Trust has offered to provide Rs.1 crore every year to the hospital for the security, as well as various measures to keep the premises clean. The Trust has also mobilised the security personnel, who will prevent unauthorised entry and also advise people against dumping waste or spitting on the premises.

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