Chief Justice of India Justice P. Sathasivam on Thursday said that a decision to constitute a circuit bench of the Madras High Court at Coimbatore requires statistics to justify the demand and procedures. If Coimbatore complied with these, he promised his support to the demand.

Justice Sathasivam was speaking at a function organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore, here.

Responding to a plea by the chamber president for a circuit bench of the High Court in Coimbatore, the Chief Justice said that already there were many initiatives including SMS alerts on defects in the petitions and information on case number. Recently e-filing was introduced in Delhi High Court for income tax and company matters.

Adoption of technology and computerisation was bringing judicial services closer to the people. So, there was no need to bring a court or a bench. Those in Coimbatore could access details of a case without even the assistance of a lawyer. However, he said, demands of Coimbatore for a High Court bench might be justified.

The decision to constitute a circuit bench involved lot of statistics and procedures including initiation of the proposal by the State Government through the High Court. If Coimbatore complied with these procedures, the Chief Justice said that he would support the demand.

He urged the industries to get updated about the latest developments in laws concerning their area of interests and operation to enhance the efficiency of their business and for sustainable development. He exhorted the entrepreneurs to strike a balance between ecological impact and development.

Former judge of the Supreme Court of India and former Chairman of the Law Commission of India Justice A.R. Lakshmanan said that empowerment of the jurists was the need of the day to rejuvenate them to fulfil the expectations of the society.

The quantum of filing of the cases in the Court and the cumulative growth in its rate was an indication that this was a matter of concern. Merely increasing the number of courts and the number of judicial authorities might not be the solution. There was a need for attitudinal change and overall structure in the society.


The Chief Justice of India conferred the G.K. Sundaram Award on Kovai Pazhamudir Nilayam (trade category), Anugraha Valve Castings (industry category) and Ramani & Shankar Advocates (service category). The award is instituted by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore.


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