Coimbatore Corporation will initiate action against those who misuse drinking water, warned Mayor S.M. Velusamy.

Talking to The Hindu on Friday, he said he would soon ask officials to carry out surprise, thorough inspections in all the wards to find out all illegal activities related to water supply. He had also asked the officials to find out how many illegal connections existed.

The inspection would happen zone-wise, he said and added that those found on the other side of law would be dealt with severely.


Mr. Velusamy said that the Corporation decided to do so at a meeting he had with officials to rationalise water supply. “It has come to my knowledge that a few areas in the city received water for six hours a day and a few others received water once in six days. It is unacceptable.”

He had asked engineers to also look at equal distribution of water, depending on the area population, locality, etc. The turners and valve operators need to be transferred so as to bring in a fresh approach to water distribution.

“For long, they would be carrying out the same task in the very manner they had been carrying out since day one of their job. Today the situation has changed and they need to change according to the current needs,” he explained.

Sources said that at the meeting, the Mayor also explored the possibility of letting on contract water supply management and recruiting workers to meet shortage.