A choked and open drain on Avanashi Road, near Lakshmi Mills Junction, left motorists on the Puliakulam Road and Avanashi Road in troubled water on Tuesday. The stagnated pool of water threw the traffic out of gear for hours together. The stagnation under the culvert was largely because of the choking of the open drain. Indiscriminate dumping of waste materials and the recent rain choked the drain.

Even the policemen on duty found it difficult to regulate the traffic. Civic body authorities who visited the scene said that the stagnation was only because of the dumping of waste from commercial establishments. The drain was converted into a dustbin and the sand brought into the canal by the recent showers had worsened the situation. The officials said that they were waiting for the traffic to ease to clean the drain. Sanitary workers in charge of the area were instructed to ensure that the drain is periodically cleaned.

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