The general public will be encouraged to call the helpline 1098 to help children

In an effort to make the public a friend (‘dost’) of vulnerable or troubled children who run away from home or are found seeking alms and to encourage them to use ChildLine 1098 helpline, the organisation has kicked off ‘ChildLine-se-Dosti’ campaign on Thursday to mark Children’s Day.

Week-long programmes

The week started from November 14 and will end on November 24. It will comprise various programmes to ensure that the Government, allied bodies, and the general public became part of the efforts of ChildLine in helping children at risk.

The programmes also include awareness about developing a friendly approach towards children who do not have a home and parents, and need to be rescued and protected.

The public will be encouraged to call the helpline if they found an abandoned child or one being used as child labour.

The campaign began with a few rescued children from the Don Bosco Anbu Illam tying a friendship band on the wrists of the Commissioner of Police, police personnel in a few police stations, and a few other Government officials.

According to representatives of ChildLine, Coimbatore, this act is to show that the children are symbolically reaching out to these people in friendship.

Following this, on Friday, children tied the bands on the wrists of task force auto drivers.


S. Uma, co-ordinator at ChildLine, says that the Corporation, corporates, the police, Railways, auto drivers and porters, have been very friendly towards vulnerable children in terms of aiding in their rescue when found abandoned and handing them over to ChildLine.


Programmes have been scheduled from November 18 to 25 in a few schools to create awareness on The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act 2012.

A children’s parliament training on ‘Children and Media World’ for children parliament leaders will be conducted on November 23 and 24.


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