Southern Railway, Salem Division, has announced increase in frequency of Mangalore – Chennai Central Express, change in days of operation of the Puducherry – Mangalore – Puducherry Weekly Express besides change of numbers for three pairs of trains. It has also announced increase in coach composition for the Mettupalayam – Chennai Central Nilgiris Express.

According to a release, Train Number 12685/12686 Chennai Central – Mangalore – Chennai Central Express (now running six days a week) will become a daily express with effect from August 20, 21 from Mangalore and Chennai Central respectively.

Similarly, Train Nos 16043 Puducherry – Mangalore Weekly Express now leaving Puducherry on Tuesdays will leave on Fridays with effect from August 17. In the return direction, Train Number 16044 leaving Mangalore on Mondays will leave on Saturdays with effect from August 18.

Train Nos 16043/16044 Puducherry – Mangalore – Puducherry Weekly Express on Friday and Saturday will be renumbered as 16855/16856 with effect from August 17, 18; Train Nos 12758/12757 Coimbatore – Tirupati – Coimbatore Intercity Express (on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from Coimbatore and on Wednesday, Saturday and Monday from Tirupati) will be renumbered as 22616/22615 with effect from August 17, 18; Train Nos 12788/12787 Tirunelveli – Bilaspur – Tirunelveli Express on Sunday and Tuesday will be renumbered as 22620/22619 with effect from August 19 and 21.

Additional coaches

Consequent to renumbering of the Puducherry – Mangalore – Puducherry Express, Train No 16855/16856 will have one AC two tier, one AC 3 tier, six sleeper class, six general second class and two luggage-cum-brake van coaches.

The train loses one first AC-cum-AC two tier coach, one AC two-tier coach and six sleeper classes while there will be two more general second-class coaches.

To clear the heavy rush for summer season, Train No 12671/12672 Chennai Central – Mettupalayam – Chennai Central Nilgiri Express will have one additional first AC-cum-AC two tier coach with effect from April 25 from Chennai and April 26 from Mettupalayam for one month on either direction. This will enable berth for 10 more passengers of first AC and 20 AC two tier.