To streamline the traffic flow pattern on Avanashi Road near LIC signal and Anna Statue, the City Police have announced a change in traffic pattern with effect from Thursday.

City Police Commissioner C. Sylendra Babu told The Hindu that vehicles coming from Park Gate via Jail Road, LIC Road and The Hindu office, on reaching Avanashi Road signal should either take a left or right and join the Avanashi Road.

Vehicles from LIC Road on reaching Avanashi Road signal will not be allowed to proceed straight and enter the short stretch of the road next to Sree Rangammal School and YWCA Hostel to join the Huzur Road near the MLA office/ Corporation South Zone office.

The short stretch of the road connecting Avanashi Road with the MLA office/Corporation South Zone office is made one way allowing vehicles only from Huzur Road towards the LIC Junction on Avanashi Road and from there the motorists could proceed straight or take a left or right turn.

Vehicles from LIC Road for reaching Race Course from LIC Junction should take either a left or right turn.

On taking the right turn, these vehicles could reach JM Bakery Junction and proceed via DSP office, South Taluk office and proceed further.

Or else, the vehicles taking a left turn could proceed up to Anna Statue and take a right turn and join the Huzur Road.

Similarly, at Anna Statue junction a short stretch of the road up to MLA office from Avanashi Road signal is one way permitting vehicles only from Avanashi Road and oncoming traffic from Huzur Road is diverted near the MLA office.

Vehicles from Huzur Road will be diverted at MLA office in the short stretch of the road branching off from there.

Barricades and sign boards have been put up near the MLA office besides deployment of constables to divert the vehicles to LIC Junction.

Vehicles entering Huzur Road from Anna Statue could use both sides of the road up to MLA office since there would not be any oncoming traffic.

In addition, two signals i.e., LIC Junction and Anna Statue are being synchronised.

Vehicles getting green signal at LIC Junction need not wait at Anna Statue and similarly those getting a green signal at Anna Statue would not be made to wait at LIC Junction.

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