Come ‘Aadi Amavasai’ day, it is a beckoning scene for the onlookers as streaming line of bullock carts could be seen making its way from Udumalpet town on the plains to Sri Amalingeswar temple on the Thirumoorthy Hills.

Sticking to the tradition, people from about 40 hamlets like Kurichikottai, Pollachi, Madathukulam and Devanurputhur congregated in Udumalpet town in their bullock carts on the early hours of Tuesday before they climbed their way up to Thirumoorthy hills to perform the rituals conducted as part of ‘Aadi Amavasai’.

“We are still opting bullock carts as mode of transportation while going to perform rituals in the memory of our departed souls of ancestors, only to carry on with the said custom followed by our forefathers,” some of them pointed out.

Near the temple, the people took dip in the streams and then offered special prayers and food to their ancestors.

The Sri Amalingeswar temple was chosen by many hundreds of people every year to perform the rituals as they considered the presiding deity of ‘Amalingeshwara’ very powerful.

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