The Coimbatore Local Planning Authority (LPA), which has been taking action against violations in building rules and unauthorised structures here, will now insist that in the case of public buildings, provision should be given to install closed circuit television units (CCTVs) for approval of plan.

The State Government issued a notification recently (December 14, 2012) that every public building in the corporation limits should have closed circuit television units at the rate of one unit for every 300 square metre of floor area. It should be installed at suitable vantage locations such as entry and exit points, corridors, etc.

An official explained that the notification had come as an amendment to the building rules. The main reason was incidents of thefts in some public buildings in recent months.

According to the notification, those who intend to construct or reconstruct a public building should make necessary provision in the building plan for the installation of the CCTVs while applying for permission for execution of the work. CCTVs should be installed in all existing public buildings too. If a structure is not used as a public building now but is proposed to be used as one later, then the owner or occupier should install CCTVs.

An official in the LPA here said that it was not insisting on provision for CCTVs now for approval of building plan for public buildings. The LPA would study the notification and implement it.

K. Kathirmathiyon, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, said since several Government departments were involved in giving building plan approval and building licence for public buildings, there should be co-ordination among the departments to implement the norm. While the LPA would ensure that provisions for CCTVs were given in the building plan, the implementation could be given to the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco). The building could be given electricity supply only if CCTVs were installed. Or, the police department should ensure that CCTVs were provided in these buildings since it was related to safety of the people.

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