Visitors are not allowed near Bambax inside the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve where the elephants are kept.

Having been captured at Thiruvannamalai and brought to Bambax inside the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) near here over three weeks ago as part of ‘Operation Malai’, three elephants: a female aged about 20, a male aged around 13 and a male calf aged about three or four years have got used to living in kraals and being stall fed.

Forest sources told The Hindu here on Monday that focus at present is only on keeping them in good health.

With makeshift quarters having been provided to their handlers (mahouts and kavadis) very close to the kraals the pachyderms are getting round the clock attention.


Though kumkis (trained working elephants) have been stationed nearby the captured elephants are not being imparted any form of training. Visitors are not being allowed anywhere near Bambax.