The residents hoisted the flags around 10 a.m. to coincide with the visit of Agriculture Minister S. Damodaran to the area.

Black flags fluttered atop houses in residential localities near the Coimbatore Corporation’s dump yard in Vellalore on Saturday.

The residents placed the flags on their roofs to urge the Corporation to shift its dump yard out of the locality and also protest against the “indifference” shown by the Member of Legislative Assembly representing the area and Agriculture Minister S. Damodaran, said J. Daniel, a resident.

The residents hoisted the flags around 10 a.m. to coincide with the visit of Mr. Damodaran to the area.

Around 500 residents of Konavaikalpalayam, Arputham Nagar, Mahalingapuram, Om Sakthi Nagar, Sakthi Eswar Nagar and other areas joined the protests, organised by Vellalore Kuppikidangu Ethirpukuzhu (Committee protesting against dumpyard in Vellalore). The residents were left with no choice but protest as land, water and air had been polluted.

The groundwater had turned yellow, was acidic and unfit for use.

But the Vellalore Panchayat continued to supply the water to the residents for their washing and bathing needs. This is notwithstanding the residents’ complaints.

Worse, the Panchayat supplied the polluted groundwater using the very tank and supply lines used for supplying drinking water. This had compromised the purity of the drinking water, Mr. Daniel said and added that the residents had been suffering for the past eight months.

The Panchayat supplying polluted groundwater had a telling effect on the residents — the adults had developed dermatological problems and the young suffered from diarrhoea and other problems.

This was only a part of the problems faced by the residents, he said, and added that the fly menace continued unabated.

Residents continued to keep their doors and windows closed. It had definitely helped but not completely as the flies crept in through the gaps.

It was still impossible for the residents to cook or have food in peace.

Flies were not alone in finding their way into homes. Odour accompanied them. With monsoon around the corner the residents were really worried about the fly menace and odour.

The Corporation used to spray chemicals to keep the flies under check. It no longer did so, though it could claim otherwise.

The residents were left with no option but to continue their protests as it was a question of their livelihood, he said and added that they had also moved the National Green Tribunal’s Southern Bench for a direction to the Coimbatore Corporation to shift the yard.

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