A film crew takes over the venue to shoot a Tamil movie

The name board read ‘Indira Gandhi College for Women.’ But the venue was that of Bharathiar University. The large crowd that had gathered near the gate of the university here on Tuesday was not that of students, but of a film crew who was there for the day to shoot for a Tamil film.

Though on the one side there was much excitement about a film being shot on the campus, on the other side there was resentment from the teaching and non-teaching staff about the routine activity getting disrupted during working hours.

The university turned into a women’s college and to make it look authentic in the frame, all the men staff and students were made to vacate the area where the film was being shot, according to the staff.

After much speculation about whether the shooting was taking place after obtaining permission from the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar of the university, it was confirmed by the Public Relations Officer P. Anbazhagan that the crew was permitted to shoot outside the gate after masking the name board of the university.

“The permission was for three hours. But since there was a slight drizzle the crew took some more time.

Also, the decision to let them shoot was made because the academic session has not yet begun and hence there will be no inconvenience to the students,” he said.

However, faculty said that all vehicles / caravans and equipment of the crew were parked inside the gate of the campus and the shooting took place near the Bharathiar Statue.

But what started out to be an excitement turned into distress for those trying to enter and exit the campus through the main gate.

A. Dennis, a student of the university, said he was stopped at the gate and made to wait till a scene was shot.

C. Pichandy, General Secretary of Association of University Teachers, said it was not unusual for college and university campuses being used for shooting. But it was not right to let out the campus on a working day.

“The university should have permitted the shooting to take place on a weekend or in the night. There is no point in stopping administrative work even though the academic session has not started. It is the time of post-graduate admissions and hence there is high movement in the university,” he said.