City police have begun placing barricades to regulate traffic in busy areas.

In Coimbatore East, a team led by Traffic Inspector K. Udayakumar has identified places to separate fast moving vehicles from slow moving ones, using barricades. At Gandhipuram, there is now a barricaded passage for buses to enter the bus stand in an orderly queue.

R.V. Arul, a taxi driver, said such measures were necessary to control impatient motorists. Police should be present to enforce rules.

At Sungam, for vehicles taking a free left to Valankulam bypass road, police have barricaded a small stretch separating Ukkadam-bound vehicles from the rest of the traffic.

A similar barricading for vehicles taking left and right turns has been done on the small bridge that connects Kamarajar Road (from Singanallur) with Avanashi Road. The entry point from Tiruchi Road into Avvai Shanmugam Road has been closed.

Police are planning to put up barricades along the entire stretch of Avarampalayam Road to prevent vehicles from Avarampalayam trying to enter VKK Menon Road, blocking vehicles moving towards Women’s Polytechnic and Ramakrishna Hospital.

Mr. Udayakumar said other major traffic bottlenecks are at Hope College Junction, Sathyamangalam Road near Omni bus stand and Women’s Polytechnic Junction because of the wrong location of bus stops. Efforts are on to relocate the bus stop from Hope College Junction and shift it near the railway road over bridge and the bus stop from Women’s Polytechnic Junction by a few hundred metres towards Pappanaickenpalayam junction. Police also wanted the bus stop near Omni bus stand shifted by another 200 metres towards Textool road over bridge.

In Coimbatore West Traffic subdivision, police have barricaded a stretch of the Pollachi Road near Sundarapuram, at Flower Market and near Chinthamani on East Periyasamy Road. Police are also planning to put barricades on Ukkadam — Sungam Road.

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