Dust makes vehicle movement difficult during dry weather

K.S. Venkateswaran of Ginning Factory Road, Singanallur, has a tough time reaching his home from the Trichy Road Junction. There is so much dust that gets kicked up from vehicles that pass by, that it is difficult to move forward without waiting for a second or two for the dust to settle down.

The dust brings down the visibility for a while and also forces those on the road to close their noses.

This has been happening for the past two months, complains C.N. Mohan Dass, another resident. But the situation gets worse after rains as the road turns slushy, making it difficult for even pedestrians to navigate the Vellalore Road, right from the Trichy Road Junction to the railway crossing.

The road condition turns worse right after the Aravan Thirukoil and continues till the railway junction.

Making this worst are broken pipes, open drain, silt removed the drain and the uneven surface. And, the road serves buses that ply on route 74.

Right at the Trichy Road Junction, the Corporation has not managed to cover a life-threatening hole on the culvert and instead chosen to place a barricade to warn road users. Right next to the opening is a pile of garbage that the Corporation conservancy worker has removed from the drain beneath.

These have narrowed the road width on the already narrow road.

The residents say that the condition of the Boyar Street, Chellandiamman Koil Street, Irattai Street, Agraharam North Street and others lanes is no different: all need an urgent repair and makeover for the residents to have smooth, motorable surface.

But that is unlikely to happen in the near future, as the Corporation will soon take up underground drainage work in the area, says the area Councillor K. Balrose. The civic body will take up the work in the coming week.

As for the road condition, it was because of the civic body taking up the Pilloor II pipeline laying work. It got over a couple of months ago. To make things better, he had spent Rs. 5 lakh from his ward development fund to level the road surface by dumping gravel. This was all he could do because another pipeline laying work (UGD) was pending.

Once the civic body completes the UGD work, the area will have a new road.

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