‘Students say that studying English is an easy gateway to a good job’

On third day of the admission process in arts and science colleges in the city, B.A English literature and B.Com., it appears, are the trending courses. V. Jothimani, Principal, Government Arts and Science College, says students seem to prefer to B.A. English literature because they think that is an easy way to secure a job. The students come with the plan that after their B.A. English, they will pursue B.Ed. to land a teaching job. And, they seem to know what course to choose to land a job, particularly in government institutions.

Her counterpart in Nirmala College for Women, Dona Grace Jayaseeli, says students equate studying English literature with gaining communication skills.

That is one reason why they flock to secure admission. And, with companies recruiting candidates with communication skills, the students think that studying English is an easy gateway to a good job.

Sister Jayaseeli says that English literature students from the college have also landed jobs in information technology companies.

She says that the colleges grant admission to B.A. English literature after ascertaining if the students have had English medium of education and their marks in the subject is good.

Economics also remains a most sought after course but next only to English. Students, who are unable to make it to B.Com. or any of the B.Com specialised courses such as B.Com (computer applications), B.Com. (Professional accounting), B.Com (e-commerce) or B.Com (actuarial management), prefer B.A. Economics, says a principal on condition of anonymity.In many arts and science colleges, for every seat in B.A. English literature and B.A. Economics, the colleges have issued more than 10 to 15 applications.

In G.R. Damodaran College of Science the cut-off marks for admission into B.Com. is as high as 90 per cent. In Nirmala College for Women, half the seats in the government-aided stream in B.Com, is likely to be filled with students who have scored centum in commerce, accountancy and maths. And, for the other half the cut-off marks are likely to be very high.G.R. Damodaran College of Science’s Vice Principal K.K. Ramachandran says that unlike in the past, this year the students appear to be confident about what they want to do and consult their peers more than parents.

Among the science courses, students prefer computer science related courses first such as BCA or B.Sc. IT or B.Sc(Computer Science), says Yashoda Devi of PSGR Krishnammal College for Women.

A few women students are also interested in vocational courses, she adds.

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