Shiva, an autorickshaw driver, handed over Rs. 3 lakh, which was left behind by a passenger in his vehicle on Tuesday, to Kattoor Police.

The police said the driver of the stand at Vivekanandar Street, Ram Nagar, picked up a passenger near diabetic speciality centre and he wanted to be dropped at Tirupur Textiles on Avanashi Road. The passenger was with a motorist, who said he would wait at Tirupur Textiles.

After getting into the autorickshaw, the passenger instructed Mr. Shiva to go to a nearby restaurant to buy food packets. After returning from the restaurant with the packets, Mr. Shiva did not find the passenger there.

After waiting and failing to find the passenger, Mr. Shiva examined the two bags left behind in the vehicle for clues. Upon finding cash and medical records of a person named Parthasarathy, he drove to the hospital to only draw a blank. He then went to the textile shop on Avanashi Road, to find the passenger's friend, but couldn't find him.

Finally, Mr. Shiva drove to the police station and handed over Rs. 3,00,451 in cash and bags. The police took the bags as per Section 102 of Criminal Procedure Code.

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