‘Creative thinking in business is about being natural in efforts taken’

Industries should celebrate the small innovations in their units as these are efforts that benefit a large number of people, Director of Tata Sons R. Gopalakrishnan said here on Wednesday.

Speaking on “Innovation Culture: Myths, Reality, Ideas”, organised by Sasi Creative School of Business, he said that innovation was spontaneous and indigenous. “Innovation is something you make happen. It is to do with your own mindset.”

Some of the myths about innovation were that it was essential to be first in the market, research and development was a measure of innovation, innovation was difficult in the service sector compared to products, it was about big bets and the process mattered more than the culture.

However, in reality, the world moved because ordinary people did extraordinary things together. In Innovation it was important to be early and survive rather than hurrying to be first in the market, be creative, and give importance to experience in the service sector as functionality was to the manufacturing sector. Invisible innovations benefitted a larger number of people. Creative thinking in business was about being natural in the efforts taken.

“Sophisticated ideas can be applied to common problems so that more number of people are benefitted.” One need not be judgemental on ideas. Innovations were all about trying several times and reorienting the product or service.

Some of the software and engineering companies in the country were very innovative. An innovation should have a positive effect on the customer, have a customer bearing, he said.

Dean of the Sasi Creative School of Business J. Srikanth said that innovation was built on the foundation of creativity.

The seeds of innovation were creative thinking.

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