They are stationed near a hillock in Shoolagiri Reserve Forest

A herd of 22 elephants from Anusonai, Udedurgam Reserve Forests in the southern side of the Krishangiri-Bangalore National Highway crossed the busy road on Sunday morning and entered into human habitations before reaching the Reserve Forests in Shoolagiri.

Eye-witnesses told The Hindu that the herd was first sighted by the people at Theagarasanampalli village and they crossed the National Highway near Shoolagiri entering into Anna Nagar, Vaniya Street and Kottai Street of the town.

A. Madhu, Assistant Conservator of Forests told The Hindu that the herd had travelled from Anusonai and Udedurgam Reserve Forests and was stationed near a hillock in the Shoolagiri Reserve Forest in the afternoon.

On the way, it might have indulged in minor damages to the properties and broken some of the coconut trees. The damages would be assessed only after driving the pachyderms to its original route or towards Reserve Forests in Veppanahalli.

Over 50 forest officials and personnel were stationed at 50 metres distance from the animals to prevent loss to either to human or to the animals.

The operation to drive the pachyderms will be undertaken in the evening carefully with the support of the local police, as hundreds of curious public thronged to see them, he adds.