They have been put on alert to deal with emergency cases during the Deepavali celebrations

Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) is keeping all its 22 ambulances in Coimbatore and 629 across the State fully equipped with all medicines and is maintaining them in a state of readiness for handling emergency situations during Deepavali.

H. Mohan — Head — Operations of GVK EMRI 108 ambulance services told The Hindu there had been an overall increase of 30 per cent in emergency situations during Deepavali period.

To handle all the calls, all the ambulances are kept in a state of readiness and to ensure that lives are saved all ambulances are equipped with additional gauze roll, bandages, band-aid, cotton, crepe bandage, splint and cervical collar for wound care and fracture care.

Intravenous fluids, antiseptics and painkiller injections have been made available in adequate quantities.

Vehicles are parked in emergency-prone areas to ensure quick response and adequate care.

In addition to the mobile numbers of emergency medical teams and ambulance pilots, location landline numbers of all have been registered as a database to handle emergencies in the event of even mobile networks facing congestion.

The preparedness will be round-the-clock on November 1 and 2.

Medical emergencies relating to fire and resultant burns were 179 across the State during the Deepavali season (Deepavali was on October 17) in 2009 and of which 43 were on Deepavali Day.

In 2010, emergency cases during Deepavali season was 244 and it was 50 on Deepavali Day i.e., November 5, 2010.

In 2011, during the Deepavali season, emergency cases were 177 and on Deepavali Day i.e., October 26 it was 36.

During 2012 in Coimbatore alone, there seven cases of fire or burn emergency.


EMRI will also be in touch with the Fire and Rescue Services Control Room for coordinating medical assistance in the event of fire calls.

This is being done to avoid delay in terms of the EMRI control room waiting for a call from the area.