Parents, school and college managements who are apprehensive about what their wards were getting fed by the Internet and the social networking sites, have a safe alternative now.

Here is a School-Parent-Student-Relation Management Software (SPSRM) (where school is a generic term to include even college students and alumni) that allows students and alumni of a particular school / college to stay connected through social networking exclusive to them. Developed by KandK Infotech Private Limited, the software is being promoted in South India by R.R. Consultancy, Coimbatore.

Managing partner of the consultancy Nirmala Ramesh says that SPSRM is a part of the software ‘e-valai' which also includes a management software for institutions. The management software is the automated version of the entire administration process that is used in educational institutions. While the latter software is becoming common in usage, the SPSRM is unique.

The social networking software is just like any other social networking site in its appearance and function. However, what is unique about it is the privacy policy. It does not follow the “create a log-in and become a member” pattern.

The school / college is given a common ID called the Admin ID. Each student is given a unique ID. When the student logs in using his ID the college checks for his/her credentials and gives access to the site.

There are various links such as ‘My Diary', Photos, Videos, Scrap book, Testimonials, Games, e-Learning and e-Library, which students and other members of the network can access. Students and alumni can write on the Diary everyday, upload photographs, videos, jot down on the scrap book that can be shared, play games, etc.

The e-Learning link is for teachers who can upload lectures, notes, etc., that can be referred to by students whenever required. The e-Library link gives access to digital books and literature on a variety of topics.

The site has a browser and a search engine thrown in for the benefit of users. The user is allowed access to sites based on his age. The institution can also use this as a medium to communicate with the students and parents with regard to attendance, grading, leave, fee collection details, etc. There are added facilities of SMS and e-mails.

The software is slowly finding its way into institutions. Indus Business Academy, Bangalore, is one such institution that has adapted the networking software.

Public Relations Officer of the academy Richa Sarna says that students are using the site wisely. It has come as a refreshing alternative because the academy has banned access to social networking sites on the campus. “This is a closed network and hence safe. The students are also happy”.

Ms. Ramesh says that at present alumni have to approach the respective schools and colleges to become members of the site. But those studying now can use the same ID as they progress from school to college to any other organisation. By this, they do not lose track of their batch mates and also their friends and teachers.

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