The subject-wise centums in Coimbatore district in class XII examinations have increased by 24.13 per cent this year, driven mainly by the increase in computer science and commerce.

The number of centums in Computer Science this year shot up to 135 as against 32 last year, an increase of 322 per cent. Similarly, the number of students who scored the maximum mark in Commerce went up from 68 in 2012 to 220 in 2013, which marks an increase of 223.50 per cent.

The number of students who had scored centum in one or more subjects was 829 in 2012. This year the figure stands at 1,029.

But the number of students taking the examinations rose only by 7.9 per cent, from 31,055 students in 2012 to 33,527 in 2013.

While in most subjects the number of students who scored centum increased, there was a marginal decline in the number of centums in a few subjects. For instance, in Economics the number fell from 106 in 2012 to 69 in 2013, a decrease of 34.9 per cent.

There was also a decline in Accountancy — from 319 in 2012 to 274 in 2013, a fall of 14.1 per cent. In Physics, the number of centums came down from eight last year to just one this year.

Coimbatore students beat the State-wide trend of a decline in centums in mathematics this year.

Across the State there was an 11.4 per cent decline in centums in Mathematics. However, in Coimbatore, it rose from 157 in 2012 to 173 this year, an increase of 10.2 per cent.

Of the total 308 schools that sent students for the examination, as many as 110 schools secured cent per cent result, including the K.G. Government Higher Secondary School, Annur. Last year 98 of the 291 schools scored cent per cent result.