The Coimbatore Corporation has initiated the process of putting up bus shelters with digital display of time, temperature and bus timings at 20 locations on Avanashi Road in the city.


Each shelter will cost Rs.5 lakh to Rs.6 lakh and will have a polycarbonate canopy that sunlight will only filter through, but will not cause hardship to waiting passengers, says Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra.

“It is a commonly used roofing to enable natural lighting.” A model bus shelter has been put up on Huzur Road (off Avanashi Road) near the Indian Red Cross Society Building.

A steel bench has been provided for passengers. Advertisements will be allowed within the stipulated extent and the display lights will provide the necessary illumination in the shelter.

The city needs 300 shelters. The first 20 on Avanashi Road will be established with the Corporation's funds. A proposal to establish the others under public-private partnership has been sent to the Government for approval.

“Meanwhile, we have issued the work orders for the 20 shelters on Avanashi Road. These will be ideal shelters, providing protection from both rain and harsh sunlight. Aesthetically good, each shelter will have digital display of bus route numbers also, in addition to a clock, temperature indicator and bus timings,” says the Commissioner. Six such shelters have been put up on Beach Road in Chennai.


As for the other 280 shelters, a list of the locations identified by the Corporation has been sent to the city police and the Regional Transport Office. The views of these agencies too have to obtained, in order to know whether the bus shelters may hinder traffic flow.

A joint inspection may be done if the other agencies want it so that the shelters are properly located. The sites for the 20 shelters already cleared had been decided after a joint inspection with the city police, Highways Department and the Regional Transport Office.

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