The Coimbatore unit of the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation has dismissed 13 employees after it found them guilty of misappropriation of funds. According to sources, Senior Regional Manager A. Shanmugasundaram and District Manager Alexander Roy dismissed five employees from Shop 2038 in Rottikadai, Valparai, two from Shop 1864 in Mannur, Pollachi, three from Shop 1893 in Vettaikaranpudur, two from Shop 2258 in Sulur in the recent past.

The sources said that the two officers found that the Rottikadai shop employees — all salesmen — had defaulted payment of Rs. 1.26 lakh. Likewise they found the Mannur shop employees — a sales supervisor and salesman — had defaulted payment of Rs. 2.14 lakh, the Vettaikaranpudur shop employees — a sales supervisor and two salesmen — had defaulted payment of Rs. 2.30 lakh and the Sulur shop employees had defaulted payment of Rs. 8.18 lakh. The Sulur employees had defaulted payment for up to six days. The delayed payment was unacceptable as the mandate for the employees was to remit into the given bank account every morning the previous day’s collection and also inform the same to the senior officials. In this regard, the Tasmac administration had also warned the shop supervisors by holding a meeting exclusively for the purpose. This was in December 2013.

But then the supervisors in collusion with the salesmen and assistant salesmen take the money, lend it out for circulation for interest and then delay the remittance. For every Rs. 1 lakh they lend in the morning, they earned Rs. 2,000 in interest the evening, the sources said.

They also said that the Tasmac administration had not preferred any police complaint against the dismissed employees because it had managed to recover the money.

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