Groundwater in neighbouring areas to be recharged

The Water Resources Department (WRD) will flush a stretch of 30 km of the Cooum from Thursday.

Officials of the department said that the operation would not only clean the river, which remains an eyesore of the city, but also recharge the groundwater in the neighbouring areas. Moreover, there has not been water flow after 2004 when the tsunami tidal waves forced open the river mouth.

D.Anbalagan, Chief Engineer (Chennai region), WRD, said surplus water from the Poondi reservoir would be used for the purpose. A portion of water released to Chembarampakkam through Link Canal would be diverted to the river near Korattur anaicut (between Poonamallee and Tiruvallur).

Initially, about 200 cusecs would be discharged into the Cooum river and the quantum would be stepped up to 500 cusecs. The flushing operation would be continued for a few days depending on the inflow in to Poondi reservoir, he said.

The waterbody in Poondi received 700 cusecs on Wednesday mostly from its catchment areas, Mr.Anbalagan said.

The check dams en route in Kannapalayam and Paruthipattu would help in groundwater recharge, he added.