A lottery crisscrossed European borders at the weekend, with a Friday night draw in France resulting in as-yet-unknown winners in Spain and Britain by Saturday.

The two winning Euro Millions tickets entitle the winners, or groups of winners, to split a 129,618,405-euro (176,449,533-dollar) jackpot. The winners had a one-in-76-million chance of picking the five right numbers and two stars on the lottery ticket.

The win, nonetheless, does not take the record for the world’s largest lottery take, which was claimed on May 8, 2009 when a 25-year-old Spaniard won 126.2 million euro in the Euro Millions lottery. It is, however, the biggest win for a Briton, assuming the ticket was purchased by an individual and not a group.

The lottery is open to inhabitants of France, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium.

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