Contrary to popular perception, boys are better savers than girls, a new study has found.

Researchers for Halifax Bank have carried out the study and found that the average boy in Britain under16 has 1,089 pounds in a savings account, compared with around 1,037 pounds for girls.

According to them, boys had higher balances than girls in three-quarters of districts across Britain. And, the biggest difference was in Westminster, where boys set aside 2,027 pounds, compared with 1,661 pounds for girls.

Unsurprisingly, older children have generally saved more than younger ones, with the average teenager having set aside 1,178 pounds, compared with around 1,024 pounds for children aged 12 or under, the Daily Express reported.

Children in London have the highest savings at an average of 1,380 pounds, followed by those in Northern Ireland at 1,182 pounds and the south-east at 1,162 pounds.

At the other end of the scale, children in Scotland have put away only around 875 pounds, while those in the north-west have saved 961 pounds.

Indian-origin economist Nitesh Patel was quoted by the British newspaper as saying: “There’re wide variations between regions and these reflect, to a large extent, differences in average adult earnings.”

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