Social activist Anna Hazare has cash assets worth Rs.68,688.36. He owns 0.07 hectares of family land in Ralegan Siddhi which is being used by his family. Two other pieces of land donated to him by the Army and by a villager have been donated by him for village use.

This is all that Mr. Hazare, who lives in a temple in Ralegan Siddhi, a model village, owns.

Sent to chairman

The assets of Mr. Hazare and four other civil society members were released to the media here on Friday. The members sent their declaration of assets to the chairman of the joint committee for drafting the Lokpal Bill, Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

Shanti Bhushan, a former Law Minister and Supreme Court lawyer, has shown his income as reported in his tax returns in 2010-11 at about Rs.18 crore. A resident of Noida, he owns three houses in Noida (444 sq.metres, 465 sq.metres, 450 sq.metres), a flat in Supreme Court Cooperative Group Housing Society, a plot in Bangalore, a five-acre farm land in Roorkee, a farm land in Noida and one-fourth share in an Allahabad house property.

He has public provident funds, bonds, shares, fixed deposits estimated at about Rs.1,02,60,00,000 and cash and bank balance to the tune of Rs.2,75,00,000.

Justice N. Santosh Hegde has declared bank deposits to the tune of about Rs.31.5 lakh and a flat in Bangalore valued at Rs.1.5 crore.

Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan has declared a house (145.06 sq. metres) in Jangpura, a flat in the Supreme Court Cooperative Group Housing Society, agriculture land in Himachal Pradesh and one-fourth share in an Allahabad house property.

He has declared deposits in public provident fund, bonds, mutual funds, shares and fixed deposits at an estimated Rs.1,45,00,000 and bank balance of Rs.7,50,000.

Activist Arvind Kejriwal has a 220 sq. metre plot at the IRS Group Housing Society at Indirapuram, a bank balance of Rs. 28,640, and cash in hand at Rs.5,300.

The civil society members responded to query of journalists last week if they would declare assets publicly like politicians. They had agreed to do so.


Hazare's revised draft to be taken on boardApril 16, 2011

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