A pilot and the member of a cabin crew were injured when they rpt they scuffled with each other mid-air on Air India’s flight from Sharjah to Lucknow on Saturday morning.

“A pilot and a cabin crew of Air India’s IC-884 Sharjah-Lucknow-Delhi flight were injured after they had a scuffle over some issues mid-air,” an airline official told PTI.

The incident took place at around 0430 hours when the flight was over Pakistan, he said adding the flight with 106 passengers and seven crew member had left for Lucknow at 0035 hours Sharjah time.

The flight reached Lucknow at 0600 hours where the matter was reported.

The airline management has derostered the pilot and the cabin crew member till the investigation into the incident was over.

“After the matter was reported and both the pilot and the cabin crew member made claims and counter-claims, the management ordered an inquiry which is now in progress,” an Air India spokesperson said.

“Pending result of the inquiry, both the pilot and the cabin crew have been derostered,” he added.

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