Popular singer Remo Fernandes, who recently joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), on Saturday said that for the first time in his life he felt there is a movement worth joining.

Fernandes said that for the last two to three decades, he has been penning songs on political and social issues.

“People have been asking me to join politics. The reason why I didn’t join politics was that every party was an embarrassment,” the singer, who is known for his hit songs like ‘Oh meri munni’ and ‘Humma humma’, told reporters.

Praising AAP, Fernandes said it has become a political party by force after trying its best for years to change the system from outside.

“During Mahatma Gandhi’s time, the politicians were gentlemen but today they are criminals ... ,” he added.

Fernandes said it was a “shame” that an old man like Anna Hazare had to go on fast to protest against corruption.

Fernandes, along with social activist Dr. Oscar Rebello, joined AAP soon after the party’s stunning showing in the recent Delhi Assembly elections.

Both have clarified that they will not be contesting any polls.


Remo peps up AAP campaign in GoaApril 9, 2014