At least 13 people were injured in Duliajan township of Tinsukia district of Assam by a leopard on Sunday before it succumbed to bullets fired by security personnel.

Senior forest department officials said the leopard entered the Oil India Ltd's residential zone at around 7 am on Sunday morning and attacked an old person and four others who came to save him.

Forest personnel from Doomdooma rushed to the spot and fired two capsules of tranquilisers at the animal.

A huge crowd gathered at the spot and the leopard, who was yet to fall asleep due to the tranquiliser, attacked and injured at least eight others, including an army captain.

At this security forces personnel posted in the area fired at the animal and killed it, they said.

Divisional Forest Officer, Digboi division, P. Sivakumar, told The Hindu that security personnel, including Army jawans and those from OIL, fired three to four rounds after a forest department team fired two tranquiliser darts on the leopard. “Before the darts could work, people went near the animal and it panicked and attacked them.

Immediately, some security personnel fired at it,” he said. Here, forest personnel are seen grappling with the animal after it was shot.


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