Twitterati may echo the word ‘glitterati,’ but it is the lower-income group people who are most hooked on to the social networking side, a new UK poll suggests.

According to YouGov poll, published in the latest issue of Prospect magazine, most people using Twitter come from lower middle class and are aged below 35. Also, they are liberal than the rest of the population and less likely to vote Conservative.

A total number of 2,024 adults, which included 200 Twitter users, were quizzed for the survey.

It was noted that 48 per cent of the Twitter users belonged to a lower social class compared to 45 per cent of all respondents.

Accordingly, 43 per cent of Twitter users said that protecting civil liberties is more crucial than giving the police greater antiterrorist powers.

But only 33 per cent of the total surveyed shared the same opinion.

The survey further found that the Twitter users are more likely to live in London and support the Labour party, reports the Telegraph. To end it, most Twitter users said they found the site “very worthwhile” or “mildly useful”. However, 76 per cent the total people surveyed said they were not keen on communicating through Twitter.

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