Young Designer Suchitra believes that one always has an edge when starting out in a profession that's also your passion.

Short, flowing salwaars, intricate and detailed work, bright colours, extreme styling and contemporary cuts... these are the first things one notices on a visit to Suchitra's Studio. Spotted at the Vimonisha Private Collection India Summer 2010, this is the Mumbai-based designer's first venture in Chennai. The Vimonisha show did leave her speechless for a few seconds as the crowds floated in and out of her stall to see something different. And then when she did begin talking she could not imagine or believe that Chennai could offer her so many buyers.

Starting out

Though the studio is just two years old, Suchitra has been in the garment industry for quite some time. So it was not new for her to start her own enterprise. What started out as an export company has now entered into the domestic sector. Though she has not really studied fashion she has an edge over others because of her experience.

She feels studying fine arts has helped her by adding that creative touch to her work and wishes she had studied more to have a technical edge too. But she feels she could design for anything, be it homes, accessories or clothes. Suchitra's strong point is giving her customers quality garments, good design at affordable rates. She believes in making clothes that are wearable and not just bought to designing your shelves in the cupboard! Being relatively new she has not yet diversified though she does not close that option. Suchitra has not limited her lines to any one particular style. “I just consider seasons. We just let thoughts flow after that,” she adds.

Getting creative

One can spot Poonam Dhillon, Rina Shah, Sharmilla Khanna among the other Page 3 celebs who own a Suchitra's. And though she has not yet decided when to start venturing into films she says she will take it one step at a time. So for all those who are looking for something different make sure to check out her clothes as they offer just that!

Suchitra's style

Her speciality is western wear, ghaghras and bridal wear. Designs just about anything from western gowns to Indian clothes. Believes in designing affordable and wearable dresses.


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