Band members of Parikrama, stunt-crazy Ghost Ryderz and the lovely VJ Rhea have a quick chat with NXg.

VJ Rhea

What made you try out Teen Diva? Did you consider a career on MTV back then?

I think people should stop asking me this question. I did teen Diva just for Teen Diva, I wasn't thinking about joining MTV back then. But at a point in the show, I thought that this was fun, and that I'd like to keep doing this. I loved MTV when I first joined it, and I love it now, I don't see myself doing anything else.

What got you interested in Stuntmania?

Stuntmania? Nothing. I have to do it to earn my bread and butter. Just kidding. At MTV we have a given number of events and VJs, and we all do some of the events. I saw that this was going to Chennai, and it's my first time here.

Your first time here? How do you like it so far?

It's great. A little hot, but I love it.



Srijan Mahajan (Drummer) and Sourabh Chaudhary (Guitarist)

What is music to you, and how does it relate with success?

Sourabh: Music is everything to us, and we're very passionate about it. If we hadn't been so successful here, I don't know how else it could be, I can't picture us doing anything else.

Unlike most other bands, albums don't seem to be a thing with you guys, is it something to do with the kind of music you make?

We have been approached by labels, to do albums, but due to several difficulties, we haven't been able to make any. We even had a request for a cover album. The time isn't right now, maybe we will, in the future.

Originals versus covers, where do your loyalties lie?

We are playing a lot more originals than covers now; about eighty percent of our set list is originals, and the rest covers. After our concerts, we have fans telling us that they missed us playing Kashmir, or Smoke on the Water. We would like to play more originals, but ultimately, we are onstage to entertain the crowd, and give them what they want.

You guys have been around for a while, what do you think about the younger generation of musicians?

There are so many talented musicians out here in India, Junkyard groove is great. Them Clones, and The Circus, in Delhi are quite good. When we played in England, we looked at some of the local, up and coming bands over there, and in terms of songwriting, and music, we felt that Indian bands are far better

Mikhil Mohan, of the Ghost Ryderz

On Stuntmania: This is hardly five per cent of what we normally do; the surface was quite bad. We generally prefer to perform on the road. I don't think any other group would even try stunt biking on this kind of surface.

We get a lot of support from both MTV and Bajaj; the bikes are serviced and transported to each city where we do our stunts.

On the Ghost Ryderz: We are one of India's best stunt-biking groups. We also perform on our own bikes, which are modified, to be more suitable to stunt-biking.

Do check their other performances on their website:


Excitement high!June 2, 2010