Divya Pandurangam designs with a passion, a passion that will make your dream dress come alive.

Divya Pandurangam is young, vivacious and full of ideas. One can see creativity oozing out of her as soon as she starts stalking about clothes. A former PR executive, Divya soon discovered that designing clothes is her forte and taking it up from where her mother and grandmother left it Divya sure has come a long way. It was the Beach-O-Nine (80-piece line) series that saw her launch a culture which even though not exactly native to Chennai did so extremely well for all those who wanted the line of clothes to ‘complete’ their wardrobe. Specialising in Indian, western and indo-western clothing this young designer has set out to capture her share of the market as she promises to come out with a line every quarter!

When did you start working?

Designing clothes runs in my family. My grandmother designed it for her friend though not professionally. Three and a half years back I started this store with my mother but for the past one year it’s my baby and I am running the show. I have already brought out the beach-o-nine line, then am planning on a formal black and white line and a men’s linen line too.

What is Pasadi?

Pa is from Pandu, (my father), Sa from Sara (my mother) and Di from Divya. It’s a name formed out of our names.

Are you trained professionally?

No nothing at all. In fact my only training is from watching people cut clothes. I have seen it all through my growing years. The entire unit would work out of my house and that’s how I learnt different cuts. I also learnt embroidery, stitching from people at home. Even for Beach-O-Nine they were just basic cuts. They were clothes one did not find in Chennai but I know people like me who wanted these clothes. I believe in designing clothes that are easy to wear and comfortable.

What age groups do you cater to?

That varies a lot. I design baby clothes and clothes for older women too. But for men we do only shirt on order, and there are clothes you can pick up off the rack. Men’s line should also be up in a few months.

How many people are there in your unit?

There are about ten people working for me. They are all trained people.

Do you see a trend change from when you began with your mother to now?

Definitely…it’s a world of change. She till does her own thing but for me its two different minds and two different set of creations that come out.

What do you specialise in?

I specialise in making custom made clothes. You could just walk into the store with a design in mind and I can stitch it for you. In fact there have been occasions where I have also helped right from the designing stage. I can deliver it in five days. Since our unit works on a shift basis I can deliver it in five days if someone needs it on an urgent basis. The process of buying fabric, marking it, cutting it and sending it for production and tailoring it takes about that much time.

Your designs and pricing?

From corsets, skirts, dresses, salwars saris, but they should be custom made. My pricing is very affordable. My Beach-O-Nine series are all priced below Rs. 2000. It depends on design and intricacy of work. It can range from Rs. 350 to Rs. 2500.

Are the raw materials from Chennai?

No, not exactly. Silks come from…crepes come from Delhi. Accessories and stones we get from Delhi.

Are you planning to diversify?

Yes, I would like to design shoes and bags. Not now but maybe in the future. For now I plan on getting other designers to sell from my unit. For me to start it I will have to have a larger unit.

Why don’t you advertise? Why don’t we hear about Pasadi?

We will but I want to start that only when I get myself a proper large unit and I design a few more lines. My racks need to get more clothes so that I don’t have people coming in and waiting.

* Address: No. 59, Montieth Road, (opposite Cake Walk) Egmore, Chennai – 600 008.

* Ph: 98842 72572.

* Store timings: 10.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Closed on Sundays)