Students of Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Maha Vidyalaya air their concern over restriction on SMS

It’s a hot afternoon and the girls of Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Maha Vidyalaya (SNVMV) are rushing to get into their classes on time. You can spot a few girls switching off their phones before entering class. Instead, the girls at SNVMV are resorting to video-games and romance novels because they can’t spend much time on cell phone screens anymore. With the ‘5-SMS-per-day’ in college rule, the girls say they are having a bad time. When asked as to how many messages they would otherwise send in a day, the girls unanimously say, “More than 200!” Sharat Chandrika and Chandrakanta seem visibly upset with the new rule . SMSing is the easiest way to contact someone. It’s inexpensive and quick. “Earlier they restricted SMSes to 200, now it’s down to five. This is ridiculous. I generally get the SMS packs and it helps me make better use of my pocket money,” says Chandrakanta.

Sri Sai Chandrika of the college however sees the positive side of the rule, “It’s good that this rule is in place. Most rumours spread because people don’t think twice before forwarding something. It’s a good way to curb bulk messaging.” On the other hand, a few girls say that putting a ban on just SMSes won’t help. “The internet is still there. You can still text through other services,” says Divya.

Considering that the rule is in place and that nothing much can be done about it, the girls are now making more use of Facebook than ever. Logged in during lab hours, the girls say their favourite pastime is to check their notifications and chat. Bitten by the video-game bug, the girls at SNVMV are pros at playing Angry Birds and Grab the egg! Malavika Swarna another student sums it up and says that even without SMSes to keep them from boredom, they can always count on each other for company.

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