Most British couples spend around 40 minutes a day quarrelling over domestic chores like washing up and cleaning, a recent survey has claimed.

Thirty-five per cent of the 1,000 couples, who were asked what issues trigger arguments between them, said, leaving clothes around the house was the prime bugbear, according to researchers.

“Forgetting to take the rubbish out or making a shoddy DIY (do it yourself) attempt may not seem like serious crimes but, as the research shows, domestic chores and household responsibilities can cause arguments in even the most stable of relationships,” said lead researcher Mike Pickard.

It was followed by spoiling home’s decor (28 per cent), and washing up (24 per cent) as the major factors leading to an argument.

The survey, by insurance company eSure, also claimed that 13 per cent argue at least once a day and that 20 per cent spend at least one day a year refusing to speak to each other after a row over domestic chores, the Daily Mail reported.

One in seven polled admitted that they lie to their partners about why they have not completed their domestic task. While twenty-nine per cent said they use their work as an excuse, 24 per cent blamed their children for not doing the jobs.

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