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Updated: April 13, 2011 21:55 IST

Soul-stirring artistry

Allan Moses R.
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On song: Blend emotive vocals with a vibrant personality, and you have Caralisa Monteiro. Photo: Naveen B.
The Hindu
On song: Blend emotive vocals with a vibrant personality, and you have Caralisa Monteiro. Photo: Naveen B.

Many a song has been sung with personal flair, but none comes closer to the heart than those of Caralisa Monteiro. Blend emotive vocals with a vibrant personality and you have this Mumbai-bred singer and songwriter taking music to a higher, soulful level.

Beaming a heart-warming smile, Caralisa creates and designs music with special artistry. “Dreams are made in music!” she exults. “I consider myself blessed with this gift of music where dreams are realised.”

Caralisa has lent her voice to over 500 jingles and popular Hindi film songs for over a decade now. How has the journey been? “Adventurous,” she quips, “it has its shares of ups and downs but the joy of touching people's hearts with music is worth every effort.”

Inspired by her mother with whom she used to sing with in her childhood, Caralisa's versatile voice and unconventional soundscape connects with people on a very intimate level. Singing and winning accolades right from college, she broke into the big league while singing a small part in Dil Chahta Hai. From there, she has risen to greater heights.

Singing songs about love, friendship, pain, hope and beauty, she and her eclectic band enthralled music lovers at BFlat recently. Caralisa rendered original compositions while playing the keyboard for some songs and was accompanied by the band for others. Her repertoire ranged in style from alternative, folk, soft rock, jazz, blues and gospel.

‘Deforestation', ‘Angel in disguise' and ‘Ring of Love' among others, struck a deep chord among those present.

Adding her personal touch after the concert, she encouraged upcoming singers and musicians with this simple message: “Never stop learning. Work hard and give life your best shot! Don't work under oppression, and one day you will shine.”


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