A thin crust pizza with the richness of feta and the merry hue of bell peppers

Who says pizzas are only for niche outlets and fancy restaurants? Thin crust pizza, a fetish that has surely caught on, can be whipped up at home with some skill. Here the sacrosanct tomato goes out of the pizza territory and feta and bell peppers find their way in.

Feta spring onion and bell pepper pizza


1 kg refined flour

18 gms dry yeast

15 gms salt

5 gms sugar

5 gms gluten

3 gms bread improver

100 gms olive oil

500 ml water


Take flour along with yeast, gluten, sugar, salt, bread improver and put in a kneading machine. Add oil gradually. Then add water slowly, knead and roll them individually.

For the filling

200 gms feta

35 gms spring onion

50 gms bell peppers

Salt to taste

Roll the pizza in oval shape, add the filling of feta, spring onion, bell peppers and salt. Fold the ends of the pizza. Put it in the oven for seven to eight minutes at 250 degree Centigrade. Sprinkle olive oil and grated feta cheese on top.

Bakshish Dean, Director, Food Production at The Park, believes the key to the cooking world is the basics. “Once you know the basics, you can do everything,” says Dean. In this industry, he says, “short cuts might give you a quick buck, but once you reach the top, you wouldn't know what to do and will crumble.” He calls it a "pure skill-based job".