The economy is finally in recovery mode . The collapse was hardest on charitable organisations, as donations took a hit when people tightened their purse-strings. NGOs either went broke or reduced the scale of their operations to cope with the drastic fall in funding.

If you work for a company and find that things are looking up again, now would be a good time to lend a helping hand. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), a concept that gained popularity over the last decade has been responsible for major projects like tree-planting drives, beach clean-ups, welfare of senior citizens and the like. The CSR and HR departments bring employees together to make a difference, and the impact is significant .

Some CSR initiatives that benefit animals.

Double your kindness — Some companies tell their employees that they will match donations to an NGO of the employee's choice, meaning that every rupee that is donated automatically doubles.

Auto debit — Employees could be offered an auto debit of a small amount every month, making donations effortless

Groups of around ten could take turns visiting a shelter to feed the animals and play with them. Employees pick foster pets and pay their feeding expenses. Companies could include this information in newsletters with photos encouraging others to do the same. A whiteboard could be placed in the cafeteria / atrium with the message “I will adopt, not buy a dog” and passers-by could grab a magic marker and sign their names under the pledge.

While salary levels and perks are important, CSR is known to increase employee satisfaction as it helps them pursue their philanthropic goals and look at the larger picture.

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