A family of expatriates wants to find this rescued dog a new home.


It was August 2006 and I was returning home in an auto. Many dogs had caught my eye that morning - alone, starving, full of sores and near to death. Just near the corner of our street, I spied a tiny bloated, starving pup that looked as if she wouldn't last the day. I asked the driver to stop and help me look for her (she had hopped away a little by the time we stopped). I thought I had lost her but turned left and saw the terrified pup trying to hide behind a lamp-post. I scooped her up and took her home. After a warm bath, heaps of antiseptic cream on her sores and a bowl of porridge, she slept the sleep that previously she could only daydream about. I had five children living in the house at the time and they were instructed not to make a loud noise, or run near where Coco was sleeping. Coco grew into a fine young dog with a beautiful temperament.

We are leaving India next month and cannot take Coco with us, as the charity I work for cannot afford her quarantine and flight charges. She is 3 years old, vaccinated, and we hope to find a really kind person/family to adopt her. Coco has never had a hand laid on her, never been beaten and I hope with all my heart that she never is. She needs someone who will treat her as part of their family. I do not want her to end up in a shelter after all the love she has given - she would die of a broken heart and we would too.

Are you out there somewhere? Will you adopt Coco and love her as we have? Contact me at 9047754286.

Hero of the Week

Janaki Arunkumar moved to Palavakkam last year. Her family adopted all the puppies born to a female dog that lived there and the subsequent puppies born in the neigbhourhood as well. They have now vaccinated all seventeen of them and arranged for birth control surgery for the dogs.