A sneak preview of how the market is buzzing and people are planning for this year's V-Day

So the beautiful month of February is here. The time when new bonds bud and the old ones bloom...with a romantic nip, the chilly evening breeze tickles the ‘love hunt’ in you.

Yes, the day when the love-hormone blobs to the brim, is right here knocking doors for new hearts to open. With gift shops gearing up for valentine’s day…blushing red roses, luridly red bloat-up balloons, bright red heart-shaped-cotton-stuffed danglers, dreamily penned down poems and cheerily constructed pop-out-musical cards, all re(a)d-ily screaming ‘I love you’ have triggered the ‘Feb-fever’ as usual.

There might be a million ways to express your love for that special someone. A single rose might speak it out as sweetly as the most expensive gift you could get your hands on. But, is it really possible to express love…that unconditional feeling in such tangible measured materials? May be partially, as gifts can’t be ignored either.

Though love never demands favour, gifts -- small or big -- prove a token of love and help merge moments into memories, later to be cherished in life!

Plans perfect

With options aplenty, the city’s couples can’t be far behind planning.

“We have been going out for over three years now…I will buy her a grand silk sari and jasmine flowers for the s day” says Mr. Raja, gifting the Indianized way or rather the ‘Madurai way’.

The new-born love of Amritha and Kishore, needs a secret cell phone to sustain… “We are in love with each other for just a month now and my first gift will be a Mobile”, says, Kishore, on the search for a ‘buy 1 get 1’ offer on Mobile phones.

“Well, every year, it had been a ‘red rose’ he would give me and I cook his favorite dishes. We enjoy a private candle light dinner with friends” says, Lakshmi, who has chosen to remain indoors this year.

For Kriti and Abhishek, the occasion will be revved up with a short trip to Kodai or Ooty. “He has been gifting me many flamboyant things. This year I will give him an imported shaving gel” says, Kriti.

Likewise, the lovers reserve a wide variety of ideas to impress their guys and girls… from the traditional options of cards and flowers to the most exciting and expensive ways. Gifts galore

Watch out the ‘Loaded with love’ offer at Titan showrooms, where selected watch varieties of the heritage collection inspired by Indian mythology is on sale. Men’s watch inspired from Kurukshetra and women’s watch carrying the marble motifs of the ‘Love monument’ Taj Mahal would prove an awesome expression of your love. The price starts at Rs.3,000.

A stylish range of glitzy clutches and handbags for women and dashy leather wallets for men ranging from Rs.400 to 700 is available at Roshan. A scintillating line of imported ‘Police’ and ‘Ignite’ perfumes ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.10,000 can be bought at ‘Singapore perfumes’, Milan’em. If you are on the look out for some off beat stuff, then a hot pair of satin lingerie tagged ‘Love me’ from Triumph at Milan’em may just be a right choice.

You can say it with jewellery too. Estelle has come up with elegant necklaces embedded with Swarovski crystals. A string of synthetic pearls may sing it for you. They are all for a couple of grants with discount offers on.

If you are looking for something simple and yet impressive then opt for the cute polka-dotted flip flops that come for Rs. 130 to Rs. 400 at Eve’s Era. Handbags, cosmetics and a lot of ‘her stuff’ await you at ‘Pinkz’ ranging from a few hundreds to thousands. The ‘dancing couple’ dolls and stand alone lovers’ statue might be a good starter. These abstract dancing couples in silver, gold and other synthetic metals are available in ‘Giftz’ for Rs. 400. The plump red-heart-shaped balloons and danglers may also glue new hearts.

A classy gift for your guy could be the ‘gift a smile’ collection of men’s wallet and leather bags at ‘Derby’ worth a few grants.

Of course, you can’t miss the inevitable roses, lilies and mega-size bouquets that all the city florists are stocked well with for the season. Archies has come up with its new range of Valentine cards spelling out the chociest epithets of ‘love’ in appealing designs.

You can opt from a plethora of gifts or think beyond something innovative and original. Or simply choose to cuddle up with your loved one. For some, this might be that day when luck smiles. Your heart may bugle at someone or an enticing proposal may come your way! Whatever it is, you surely need to gather enough guts to reveal your love for him/her.

One may wonder, what makes this day so special, as you may bump into your ‘Mr. or Ms. Right’ any day. True, love happens instantly and luckily, but being on its search is no crime and a day to laud that love, for which everyone longs for, is no sin. So, Happy Valentine’s Day!