Party Hunterz offers all that you need for a theme party under one roof — from costumes to cups

Are you a party freak? Do you welcome those with themes and love to organise them yourself but don't know where you can pick up all the stuff to go with your creativity? Then Party Hunterz, just off Commercial Street is your answer.

The place is started by Jigna Vira, a home maker, who just decided to start the store to help cater to theme parties. “People always want something new. I was into organising events and realised that many things were so inaccessible or of poor quality. That's when I decided to start the store,” she says.

And her place offers themes – from those for children, to wild ones – complete with paper plates, cups, wall décor, buntings, and even return gifts to go with every theme.

“They come from the US and China. These days baby showers have become so popular. We have a whole set exclusively for this,” she says and takes you to the section, which is brimming with paper cuttings, buntings, and even sashes for the first-time father or mother-to-be. The section is divided into two parts -- pink for the baby girl and blue for the baby boy. There are even balloons to go with every mood. The products start at Rs. 20 upwards.

Then there are themes for the birthday parties for children. There is the ever-popular Barbie princess theme. This one has a huge cardboard chariot with a cut out at the window and little girls can stand behind and get their pictures clicked! “This one is popular with little girls and I recommend it as a return gift where parents can take instant pictures and give it back to the children,” explains Jigna.

For girls aged between 10 and 13 she has the glitzy girl theme, which comes with card games, return gifts and even activities with instructions. There is the tie and dye theme for this group again. As the name suggests there are bandanas and plastic necklaces to go with it.

The theme that catches your eye is the Hawaiian one where you can pick up Hawaiian costumes – with the skirts and the coconut bikini for adults and the flowery bikini for young girls with the flowery garlands and so on.

Boys need not get discouraged for they too can pick up stuff from the army range or the soccer theme. The former also offers a rubber inflatable gun for Rs. 550, while the latter come with products like the candles shaped as a whistle or a soccer ball.

For men there are lighters shaped as lipsticks, which is “also a hit with women” and lighters in unusual shapes like slippers, and liquor glasses with flashy lights that come on with individual batteries and glowing shot glasses. There is the casino theme with games that also offers an automatic card shuffler that comes for Rs. 1,000 and candles shaped as champagne bottles, balloons that come with popping eyes or animal balloons that can be made to stand on the floor.

Besides all these the store also has stuff related to retirement or bachelor and bachelorette parties and even Halloween with the spooky masks, and a whole set of prank range or the bleeding hands or blood soaked knives. The place also has a catalogue and if you are looking for the range to go for a costume party then Jigna says she will cater to that. “This is a western concept. So if some parents are not sure how to go about organising a theme party yet want to give it a shot, I am willing to organise it for them,” says Jigna.

The store is at No 338, Opp Shiv Sagar Hotel, Narayana Pillai STR, Commercial Street. It is open every day between 10.30 a.m. and 8 p.m. and can be contacted on 25590888 or 9964202997.