Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology

The Hangout: Canteen, Bus bay

Rush hour: Lunch break and during after class hours, mainly after 4 p.m. when the day scholars move to the bay for home and when the hostellers move to the canteen for a tea and chat. Also during any free hours, the canteen is filled with chattering students.

Where it is at: Behind the main block to the right of the main gate.

What's to love: “It is all green and silent here,” chirp the students of MCET. Standing in front of the modest canteen, one of the favourite hangouts of the college, the students were going on and on about how they value the canteen during rare and precious free hours, lunch breaks and after class hours.

“The college might be a little stringent when it comes to bunking classes but we have absolutely no restriction in the canteen. More than the food, it is the warmth this place offers. This is our favourite hangout,” says Thomas Stephen, a fourth year student of the college.

“Also, any batch, juniors or seniors, can visit and use the hangout. We don't have any place reserved for the seniors alone,” claims Vishnu.

Nimmy, a student of Electronics and Communication, has a twinkle in her eye when she speaks about the hangout at the bus bay. “We love that place. It has become an after-class temple of solace,” she says.

The students here find relief in the panoramic comfort that the campus offers. The buildings that are enveloped by green lawns and rubber trees never fail to amaze new comers. “There is also a path to the college that has thick foliage which offers us shade throughout the year ” says Akhila, a fourth year student.

Alternative: The college library, which is the first building seen from the gate, can also be a witness to many get-togethers and silent hangouts; the only rule being the limits on the voice decibels.