Pamper your tired mind and body at The O Salon, Pune. Nirvana mode never seemed so relaxing.

My first peek at the O Spa, Pune, gave me a sense of tranquillity; situated on the ninth floor, it overlooks the greenest part of the city. The interiors are truly of international standards. I loved the waft of lavender (supposedly to help you doze during the therapy).

Their outdoor cabaña, however, is what completely floored me; I instantly opted to get our therapy (they had suggested I bring my husband along) there without a moment's hesitation. Lara, the spa director, handed us over to our therapists for the day. Tashi, I soon learned, had worked on Madonna! Now I knew I was set!

The O starts you off with a session in the steam enclosure; so that the aromatic oil soaks into the skin's pores. I'm partial to heat, so I happily gave in to luxury. Escorted out into the cabana I placed myself where the railing was the lowest to enjoy the spectacular view while Tashi did her job.

It was a day meant for a spa visit; the sky was overcast without being gloomy, light drops hung from the leaves and a soft breeze rustled by. After a feet-cleansing ritual (to eliminate any negative energy) and lathering a generous portion of aromatic oils, Tashi got her expert fingers to work while the other therapist Dawa did the same for Chirag. To my surprise I dozed off (something I can barely manage at night). The pitter-patter of the raindrops along with the treatment that consisted of stretches, massage and deep tissue pressure lulled me into a nirvana mode I never knew could exist!

Nuvola bed therapy

Next thing I knew I was being gently awoken by Tashi with a glass of mint water. I had been blissfully oblivious to everything around me. The Nuvola Bed Therapy at the O Spa is one of the few places that one can avail of this treatment. We were gently wrapped into this special custom-made water bed with lights of various colours beaming out. Apparently 30 minutes of sleep on this is equivalent to three hours of deep slumber and is supposed to be excellent for detoxification, immediate stress reduction and anxiety. It is also a proven remedy for jetlag and insomnia. I totally agree because, despite suffering from mild insomnia, I felt more rested when I got up than after a whole night's sleep.

Saying goodbye

Now that's the thing about the O that left an impression in mind: the end. Even the O goodbye keeps pace with the rest of the experience. A special treat awaited us (it was included in the package). They steered us towards the far end of the spa, as our eyes adjusted to the dim lights we saw a bathtub in front of us filled with flower petals, bubble bath with aromatic candles placed all around where we were invited to dip in as long as we pleased. After a shower it was back to reality.

Feeling nothing like the harrowed person who had walked in I requested them to let us back in on the cabana to end this beautiful day; that pretty little terrace space had just become my favourite nook. The tray of piping hot green herbal tree that appeared by our sides just lent this magical day that perfect touch it needed to round it off. We stared into the horizon as the sun dipped; silent, satiated, smiling.

Where it is

The O Spa and Resort, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001, India

Ph: (+) 91 20 40011000, Fax: (+) 91 20 40011009. E-mail:



Massages: Aroma, Swedish, Couples therapy, Nuvola (water bed) therapy

Facials: For all skin types. Luminous radiance, Myoxy cavair anti-aging, Plantomer, Rosacea and many more...

Price: From Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000 depending upon the treatment


Sunday MagazineJune 28, 2012