Meet GODS, a group of Delhi bikers

They are a motley group — of doctors, pilots, engineers, businessmen, bankers and MBA graduates. Together they pursue a passion which often takes them, much to their thrill, to faraway places.

Comprising 65 people — all men, barring one woman, the group calls itself Gangs of Delhi Super Bikers (GODS). They hit the Delhi roads every weekend on their fanciest of bikes, say Hayabusas, Ninjas, R1s, Suzukis, Ducatis, Choppers and Cruisers. Formed by Arun Thareja, an ENT specialist, in 2000, the group is most unlike what you might expect of a bunch of adventure biking enthusiasts. No bandanas, no full-scale tattoos, no gum chewing brawny looks, just serious lovers of interesting machines.

“It’s our way of saying that we are bikers and sane at the same point of time,” says Gaurav Sharma, a member of the group.

In 2000, they were just a gang of three. Today, they have even a female member who rides a Honda-CBR 1000 RR. And in concert, they ride to difficult terrains like Ladakh, etc. every year besides the weekend trips. Gaurav explains that during such trips, “the group leader sets the speed limit whereas the ‘sweeper’ moves in the end with the freshers.”

About the Ladakh trip, the founder of the group, Thareja, recalls, “On our way back, weather conditions went out of hand with the temperature falling below -3 degree Celsius. The water and also snow slush could be seen flowing on the roads, our shoes were drenched. We were terrified to see snowstorm everywhere; the army had to be called in to lay artificial bridges on the roads so that all the bikers could escape it.”

The biker should be of 25 years of age or above but there are a few musts. “He/she must have a 600 CC+ bike; the biker must also have experience and cognition of the machine.” The 50-year-old also says, “We prefer like-minded people to show-offs.” Whenever out on expeditions, the super bikers make sure that they carry two large cans of fuel plus water and chocolates for energy. Proper gear including helmet, protective clothing and shoes is mandatory.

GODS organise their trip every June-July. If you too adore biking, and wish to be one of them, you can join in, provided you pass GODS’ pre-trip fitness test, says Thareja. According to the group, “Our sole purpose is to promote biking in a positive and responsible way and to increase awareness amongst the general public about biking as a passion and a sport rather than a simple means of transportation.”