Here are some excellent ways to beat the heat and also rejuvenate the mind and senses in these hot days of summer

Tired of the simmering heat and worried about the effect of sun on your skin? Spas are here to help you. Spas, now available within the chrome and glass air-conditioned comfort of five-star hotels across the city, promise a summer of calm, rest and relaxation with their summer special massages and facials.

Not many would disagree that in these times of high levels of stress and pollution, we do feel tempted to pamper our senses once in a while. Here are some excellent ways to beat the heat and also rejuvenate the mind and senses in these hot days of summer. With a mind-boggling repertoire of summer-special spa treatments Aura, the luxury day spa of The Park, promises 'nirvana' for your stress-battered mind and under-oxygenated body. The spa proffers clients an exotic experience in its three therapy rooms as they get their rubdowns! The guests get to choose from a whole range of treatments, all of which use exclusive fresh natural products to channelise the mind-body connection to restore the inner vitality and peace. The summer specials include 'Vanilla Essence', 'Cooling Mango Escape' and 'Face Falooda'.

Vanilla Essence

“A gentle massage with a concoction of freshly crushed vanilla beans along with coconut cream will drift you in a world of pleasures to heighten your senses,” says Says Megha Dinesh, Brand Manager of Aura. Vanilla is an excellent antioxidant, aphrodisiac, anti carcinogenic, febrifuge (reduce fever), anti depressant, sedative and has a tranquilizing and relaxing effect. It is mixed with rich coconut cream to give a luxurious effect on the skin. Coconut cream is rich in lauric acid, protects from harmful sunrays and is known for healing and tissue repairing properties and has anti scarring properties.

Cooling Mango Escape

If you want to experience the true flavour of summer, go for this body wrap. Allow yourself to be smothered with mango, the king of the fruits, and yoghurt cream coupled with soothing cucumber. “While the active ingredients of mango will nurture your skin, the much needed antioxidants of yoghurt and soothing properties of cucumber will do the sun damage repair,” says Megha. Mango boasts a high content of antioxidants carotenoids and is rich in hydrating properties. Also rich in Vitamin C, a natural cleanser helps in relieving clogged pores. While yoghurt being a good natural sunscreen, improves complexion, has cooling and calming properties, makes skin soft and supple, good anti skin irritant.

Face Falooda

At the cutting edge of modern cosmetic procedures, this non invasive and holistic approach will sculpt your facial muscles enhancing skin vitality using mashed apricot with aloevera as a mild scrub, a nourishing skin repairing massage using honey and other herbs. The application of orange pack with almond and walnut is to spur skin renewal. “It's a facial which helps in reducing fine lines while restoring skin vitality,” she suggests. Apricot being very light in texture along with aloevera is a mild scrub that also re-hydrates the skin. Honey being the best natural moisturizer combined with other herbs helps in improving complexion while orange pack highly rich in vitamin c, best antioxidant and improves skin vitality.

And for some relaxing quiet moments to calm your senses, take a dip in the floral Jacuzzi with the essence of henna, poppy, lavender and rose.

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