Coin collection is one of the oldest hobbies and of late it’s become a very popular hobby among older school going children. With its soaring popularity, schools too encourage children to collect coins. The setting up of a `numismatics club makes it a fun and educational experience.

Passionately pursuing

Manish, of Std X and a coin collector since he was in primary school, says, “The history and stories surrounding the coins make this hobby interesting. I find this hobby a great pastime, and also educational. Different coins from different countries, places and eras introduce me to their culture and history. Every coin has an interesting tale to tell,” he says. “My father introduced me to this fascinating world and since then I have been hooked onto it,” he adds.


Ramesh, Manish’s father says that collecting coins can be fun and rewarding. If the children are introduced to this hobby when they are young, its benefit will be immense. When they are small they are an excited lot. However small, it is better they pick their own coins.

With their natural inquisitiveness it is likely that they will be drawn to the unusual coins. For children to get that extra information about the hobby they are pursuing, it will be a good idea to get them a book on the hobby where they can read and understand the intricacies of the hobby. This will definitely be a boost to further their hobby, he says.

Shruta, student of Std VI, who is a member of a numismatic club in her school says, “our guide in the club informs us about the technicalities involved in this hobby. First of all they help us identify original coins from fake ones. In the initial days they also guide us with regard to choosing the kind of album to put our coins into. It is through the numismatics club that I have learnt the importance of not washing coins to prevent damage,” she says adding that the clubs also encourage children by organising coin exhibitions in schools.

For starters, she informs that collecting coins though a hobby is a serious business. It is very important to keep the coins in a soft cloth and also wear a pair of gloves while handling them. This hobby is not expensive. And if ever one has to spend a little more to own a coin, its value will be much more in the future, she says.


Chennai Coins - the Vijayanagara ConnectionAugust 31, 2009